1. Speaking fast :-

Here you have to speek about your self. Your self in the sense it should include.

  1. Your name, father, mother, family members names, along with their details in a simple manner.
  2. And then you should tell your Education background starting from birth place, primary, Higher education details detailedly.
  3. At school level, college level what are your favourite Subjects or who are your favourate teachers or lecturers and why you liked those teachers and subjects explain them honestly.
  4. Tell about your class mates, friends close friends at all your primary school, university level.
  5. What is your native place / village/town explain it.
  6. Tell about some of your relatives, friends who are in good position.
  7. Tell your likes and dislikes in all the aspects like food, clothing, colours, cine Hero, Heroines, political leaders, Parties detailedly.

                              2. JOM Speech : (Just One minute speech)

If I ask you to give speech for one hour, you don't dare.

So what you have to do is gather number of topics, topics may be silly, serious or funny, collect information sinicerely and seriously about them, Write down topics in a paper and read it loudly by seeing the paper for 1 or 2 times according to your convenient. Don't byheart, try to remember more number of points. Even you may try Small moral stories.

And then speak on that topic infront of your friends. Already you worked hard to gather information on that topic. So every one listens it surprisingly. If you don't prepare your topic seriously automatically listeners don't show interest. If possible, record it on the tape and listen to it again after two days. If you feel it is good, you have Succeeded. If you feel you could improve it further, do so and speak again. Do it till others say that you are a successsful speaker. For help read Abraham Lincon's passsage “HOW I BECAME A PUBLIC SPEAKER''. If they don't show interest or concentration on your speech you also loss your courage, interest or concentration. It leads to bad results.

On the contrary if you deliver your Spech on any of the topic in a well prepared manner, they certainly appreciate you, they feel jealous and they also try to perform well when their turn comes. It

leads to healthy competition among yourselves.


ఈ రోజు మీరు Dairy రాసారా?

ఈ రోజు మీ Seminar Topic

Disadvantages of watching TV


                                     SPEECH STARTING

Dear students while speaking infront of large number of people most of you feel nervous. You don't know how to start your speech. Even If you prepared well you loss your courage after looking at the audience.

“Well begun is half done"

That means if you start your speech in a good manner automatically it goes Smoothly and ends nicely. It is our responsibility that we have to convince, entertain or satisfy the audience with our speech. As We already said well beginng is necessary, we should start our speech by using the below sentences according to the situation.

  1. Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Students, My dear classmates, etc.
  2. Good morning, Good after noon, Good evening to all of you.
  3. At first I would like to say thanks to our principal for giving me this opportunity.
  4. I feel proud to speak infront of you.
  5. First of all I want to thank all the students who arranged this function.
  6. It is my privilege and pleasure to speak few words before you.
  7. First of all I would like to greet you and thank you for attending this meeting.
  8. I would like to say few words before we start the function.
  9. I hope you will lend your ears for two minutes on this happy occasion of freshers day.
  1. We gatherd here to day on very important matter.
  2. thank you sir for giving me this golden opportunity. And Then
  3. I would now request Mr. Suresh, principal of this college, to continue the programme.
  1. I feel proud to invite our beloved teacher Smt Sarala, who is not only maths teacher but also gives good Suggestions to all of us always. Now I request teacher to come up on to the stage.
  2. I take the pleasure to introduce one of the dynamic members in the college committe Mr.Sharma, Dear Sir I welcome you on behalf of my teachers and students to this function.

 VOTE OF THANKS Honourable Guests, Dignitaries on the dias, Dear friends I take the opportunity to thank each one of you for coming here and making this funtion a grand Succes.

at first I have to thank all the 8th, 9th class students for arranging this "Farewell day Function " to your beloved seniors that is 10th class students.

It is my responsibility that I have to thank our principal Sir for giving permission to all of us conduct this farewell party.

Thank you very much Sir,

Last but not the least, on behalf of all our students we thank our ayyammas, Driver uncles, for their cooperation through out this year.


                            Once again Thank you one and all