Wednesday, January 20

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Spoken English
OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AND ANSWER 1.What is your future plan? A.After my degree I want to do M.B.A.. I will take Marketing as specialization in MBA 2.What are your hobbies? A. I play chess in my free time. Some times I go out and do window shoping. 3.Why is he angry? A.I don't know why he is angry, but I guess that manager insulted him yesterday, so he is angry. 4.Why are you going to market now ? Α.Because my mother asked me to bring vegetables. So I am going to market now. I will be bank within 30 minutes. 5.When do you repay my amount? A.I pay your money as soon as I receive my loan. I am Waiting for that loan to pay your money. 6. When will you solve this problem? A.Immediately after returning from the U.S.A. I will talk to him and then I so...