Monday, July 22

2018 FEB- TOP 50 (1st PART)

1.How much money is paid to a person who marries handicapped person by the state government?
Ans: Rs: 1 lakh
2. Name the inner water vehicle which belongs Scorpion range was joined to Indian navy.
Ans: INS Karrang
3. Central government accepted for the proposal from Telangana State for the first phase of National investment and manufacturing zone. Where it is?
Ans: Zaheerabad
4. Which statement is correct about sheep and goats scheme in our state?

1. 42 lakhs is distributed up to 2018 February
3. The M.D for cooperative society for the development of Sheep and goats is V.Lakshma Reddy
4. Government subsidy for goats and sheep is 75%

Ans: All are correct
5. Who was selected for Sant-kabeer award -2017,which was given to Handi Craft awards?
Ans: Jilla Venkatesam
6. Name the first lady cricketer who has taken more than 200 wickets in one day cricket?
Ans: Jhullon Goswamy
7. What is the rank of Bharat in international intellectual’s index?
Ans: 44th place
8. How much pension is sanctioned by our state government for the people suffering from Pylaria ?
Ans: Rs 1000 p.m
9. What is the rank of Telangana in registering newly born babies?
Ans: 11th place
10. According to Neeti Ayog health index which state got 1st rank?
Ans: Kerala

11. Where did winter Olympics conducted in Feb 2018?
Ans: Pyang chang (South Korea)
12. Name the highly voluble title which will be given to foreigners was given by Palestine government to P.M.Modi.
Ans: Grand collar of the state of Palestine .
13.Who got the Gnana peeth award 2018?
Ans: Krishna Sobathi( Famous hindi novel writer
14. Name the IIT who made rice for the people who are suffering from Blood deficiency?
Ans: Kharag pur
15. Which country banned the film which was made on the problems of using sanitary napkins by ladies?
Ans: Pakistan
16. Where did child friendly court first started in our state?
Ans: Hyderabad, Haca bhavan
Note: This was established under the authority of rehabilitation centre for attached and suppressed women.
17. Name the committee doing investigation for the division of 89 organizations under 9th schedule AP and Telangana?
Ans: Sheela bedi committee.
18. Which city got the 12th place in the world’s richest cities?
Ans: Mumbai
19: Who conducted national conference on irrigation water crisis on Feb 19 and 20 in 2018
Ans:Neeti Ayog
20. Which state government came forward to sponsor Indian Hockey team?
Ans: Odisha
21. Which was target year made to prepare roads under Prime Minister Sadak Yojana scheme?
Ans 2019
22. Who was selected for president or literacy academy 2018?
Ans: Chandra sekhara Kambar
23. Who is the new prime minister of Nepal?
Ans: K.P.Sarma oli
Note: President of Nepal is Vidya Devi Bhandri
24. Where did the program organized as One Billion Rising to support women and babies under sexual attack?
Ans: Manila (Philippians)
25. Name the country who dropped from the program of U.N.O rescues.
Ans: Tanzania

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