Monday, July 22

2018 MAR- TOP-50(2nd PART)

  1. Government how much Exgratia announced to persons depending on Palm trees are accidentally died ?

Ans: Rs 5 lakhs

  1. When will be the target to completing “ Kshaya Rahita Bharat” (Eradication of Tuberculosis) program?

Ans: 2025

28: Name the three public sector companies running with higher profits in India?

Ans: Indian oil, ONGC, Coal India

  1. Who is appointed as a World Bank Chief Economist?

Ans: Aravind  Subhrahmanyam

  1. Government decided to continue subsidy on Uria up to 2020. How much amount transfer under direct money transfer per One ton ?

Ans: Rs 5,360

(Note:  For this project Central Government allotted Rs 42,748 in 2017-18. It is going to be increased by Rs. 45 crores.)

  1. What will be the growth rate of India in 2018-19 as estimated by World Bank?

Ans : 7.3%

  1. Name the film made on life history of Stephen Hawking?

Ans: The Theory of Everything

33.What is budget amount introduced by State Finance Minister for 2018-19?

Ans: Rs 1,74,453.83 Crires

  1. What is the position of India in happiness index in the world?

Ans: 133rd place (last year 122 rank)

35.Which rule under Lok  Sabha regulations states about no-confidence motion on running government?

Ans: 17 Chapter 198 (b) rule.

  1. Minimum how many members support is required to discuss on no-confidence motion?

Ans: 50 Members

  1. How much amount of money is allocated in the budget for the farmers to allocate 4,000 per acre?

Ans: Rs. 12,000 crores

  1. Which country stood first in world happiness index?

Ans: Finland

39: What is the changed name for Center for Development Studies- Telangana Institute of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development (CDS-TSIPARD)?

Ans: Telangana State Institute of Rural Development (TSIRD)

  1. Where did playing items made with bones which belong to Satawahana’s period found?

Ans: Peddapalli district Pedda Bonkuru

41 For which project our state government took loans (38,752) under Telangana government security?

Ans: Mission Baghiradha

42.In which district of Uttar Pradesh big solar plant is going to be constructed with French solar company support?

Ans: Mirza pur

  1. Where did the conference of International Association of Chief of police (IACP-2019) was conducted?

Ans:  New Delhi (March14)

  1. Who got the prestigious H.J.Baba memorable award?

Ans: Famous scientist Dr. Prakash chand jain

  1. Which state is going to conduct Varuna-2018, Which is a common program by Indo-French countries?

Ans: Goa

  1. Who won “ Nidahas cricket trophy” in Premadasa stadium of Colombo, Srilanka?

Ans: India

  1. Which state is going conduct 106th Indian science congress in 2019?

Ans: Madya Pradesh

  1. Name the program which was conducted by foreign affairs ministry to explain foreign policy and aim.

Ans: Videsi Aaya Pradesh ke Dwar

  1. Name the book released by Indian army which contains the list of persons who got “Parama veera chakra awards”.

Ans: Param veer Parvane

  1. Which city got the 1st rank in “Merser quality of living” survey?

Ans: Vienna