Monday, July 22

2018 MAR- TOP-50(1st PART)

  1. Where is the best Bio Nest  which is the bio-incubator arranged?

Ans: Hyderabad central university

  1. What will be G.D.P. of India for the year 2018 as estimated by Moodies investor’s services?

Ans: 7.6

  1. What is the national science day theme?

Ans: Science and technology for sustainable future.

  1. Which cricket team won Vijay Hajarae trophy-2018?

Ans: Karnataka

5.Who won the famous two ‘Larus sports’ of tennis champion belongs to Switzerland?

Ans: Roser federer

  1. On which name Navy, Air Force and Army conducted their exercises on Feb 12,2018 in Arabian sea?

Ans: West Lehar

  1. What is the name of auto- biography of Sourav Gangooly?

Ans: A Century is not enough

  1. Who won the gold medal for Asia wrestling champion ship in March 2018?

Ans: Nava Jyoth Kour

  1. From which country India wants to arrange S- Triumph which is Aero-space protection missile system?

Ans: Russia( agreement costs 40 thousand crores)

  1. What is the estimated G.D.P. rate of 2018-19 according to Crissel rating organization?

Ans: 7.5%

  1. 90th Oscar awards were held in Loss Angels in America.

Best actor- Gaery Old man

Best actress- Francies Mech Dormand

Best film , best director and 2 more awards won by the film “Shape of water”

  1. Name the railway station where all female employees are working which is in South-Central railway.

Ans: Begampet

  1. India is importing crude oil and LNG from America through a ship belongs Gale. Name the ship.

Ans: Merridian sprit

  1. Who got the 1st place in Forbs World‘s world richest persons list?

Ans: Founder of Amazon, CEO Jep Bejoes

  1. Which famous foundation declared 170 dollars(Rs 11 thousand) on occasion of international women day to help women empowerment?

Ans: Bill- Melinda Gates Foundation

  1. Name the Women who is working for the welfare of sex workers and HIV cases. She got “Nari sakthi-2017” award from the Indian President.

Ans: Bandari Jayamma

  1. Where did Narendra Modi started ‘national nutrition food’ program on the Occasion of “ national women’s day” on March 8th?

Ans: Juhum Jhuma(Rajastan)

  1. Name the architect who won the prestigious Pritzkar award?

Ans: Bala Krishna dosi

  1. Name the nuclear power plant which is going to be build by cooperation of France.

Ans: Jaithapur

  1. Name the company which is rapidly developing IT services brand in 2018?

Ans: Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)

  1. Name the new redgram which can survive even in low rain fall, invented by Warangal agricultural scientists.

Ans: WRGE 97 ( Note: Its yielding is 6 to 8 Quinta per acre.)

  1. How many Gigawatts electricity is going to be produced by 2022 through Renewable energy ?

Ans: 175 Gigawatts

  1. Who is the M.D for Telangana tourism development organization?

Ans: Boinapally Manohar

  1. Which country the Sultan Azlan Sha cup 2018 which took place in Malasia?

Ans: Australia