Monday, July 22

2018 FEB- TOP 50 (2nd PART)

  • How many TMCs of Kaveri water was allotted to Karnataka as decided by Supreme Court in 2018 Feb.

Ans: 284.75

(NOTE: Taminadu-404.25: Kerala: 30: Pondicherry: 7 TMC of water)

  1. Name the first state which established an Institute for Artificial Intelligence?

Ans: Maharashtra (Mumbai)

  1. What is the average life span of man according to national institute of health research in our state?

Ans: Male- 69.4: female-73.2 years

  1. Name the state which used Robots to clean man holes.

Ans: Kerala ( Note: Robot called Badi cute is made by “Jen Robotics)

  1. Name the first human robot who talked in world IT conference in Hyderabad.

AnS : Sofia (Note: Made by David Hanson)

  1. Name the declaration to arrange a tribunal to solve the issues on rain water.

Ans: Hyderabad Declaration

  1. What is the range of ballistic missile called Agni-2, which is tested by Abdul kalam Centre at coastal belt of Odessa on Feb 2018?

Ans: 2,000 Km

  1. Name the social organization started by Yugesh kumar, who was selected for youth common wealth award. He is giving training for women in car driving.

Ans: Even cargo

  1. What is the present interest rate employee’s provident fund for 2017-18?

Ans: 8.55%

  1. Name the missile designed to target on night time.

Ans: Prudhvi-2

  1. Name the safest country for newly born children in the world.

Ans: Japan

12.GHMC is listed officially in Bombay stock exchange. How many crores of money is going to be collected as bonds?

Ans:200 crores

  1. What is name of human digital model robot that was designed by RBS to interact with customers?

Ans: Cora

  1. What is India’s position in international corruption index-2018 according to Transparency international report?

Ans:  81

  1. What is the share of richest persons in India in GDP according to Oxi farm India report?

Ans: 15%

  1. How much loans was taken by hand loom workers are cancelled by the government?

Ans: 1 Lakh

  1. Which harbor in AP of Nellore district was decided as official Immigration check point ?

Ans: Krishnapatnam port

  1. RBI of India announced Ombudsmen scheme to NBFCs present in which cities ombudsmen offices are working.

Ans: Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Delhi

  1. Telugu university declared literacy award -2015 to Ghanta Chakrapani who is TSPSC chairmen. For which book he got the award?

Ans:  Telangana Jaitra yatra

  1. Name the pilot less war airplane which was tested successfully by DRDO Karnataka in the range of aeronautical test.

Ans: Rustam-2

  1. Which bank started selling of electoral bonds on March 1, 2018?

Ans: State bank of India

  1. To which state did Kunvar bhai belongs who died on Feb 2018, working as musket of Swatch Bharat Abhiyas.

Ans: Chattis ghad

  1. Where is the head quarters of Asian development situated?

Ans: Manila (Philippians)

  1. Name the newly launched which mobile app of 180 types of civil services related to all government.

Ans: T-app polio

25) P- notes( participatory notes) investments had declined to lowest quantity to least in 8 years in stock market. To Whom issued p-notes?

Ans: Foreign investors.

(Note: Foreign investors , Port folio investors who are registered at SEBI are issued p-notes)