Monday, July 22

EM-2018 APR CA – TOP 50 (1st Part)

  1. When did ration Portability (Ration card holder can bring ration from any ration shop) method started?

Ans: April 1, 2018

  1. Space Satellite Center of China, Tiyanggang-1 collapsed into the atmosphere. When did it launched?

Ans: Sept 29,2018

  1. Name the online agitation started by Briton M.P for women equal salaries along with men.

Ans: Pe me to Hash Tag

  1. Which is the best Higher Educational Institute in the country?

Ans: Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

  1. Which name should give instead of’Dalit’ in all corresponding as mentioned by Central Ministry?

Ans: Schedule Castes (According to Section 341 of Indian Constitution, President orders given)

  1. Who got the relay rights of Indian Cricket Team for the period 2018-2023?

Ans: Star India (for Rs6, 138 crores)

  1. Where wills the meeting of country ministers who does not belongs to any group, 18th conference?

Ans: Azerbaijan Capital  Baku

  1. Name the city hospital which was established for every 1000 persons.

Ans: Basti Dawakhana

  1. Where did the health ministry started Mother’s absolute affection program (MAA) to encourage breast feeding?

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

  1. How many teams are going to participate in IPL season 11?

Ans: 8 teams

  1. Where did the commandment available which state about the heroic death Rani Rudrama devi at the age of 40?

Ans: Nalgonda district Chandupatla

( Rudrama devi and his companion Mallikharjuna  Naidu died in 1289)

  1. Name the court which was started in Hyderabad to avoid the offences on children.

Ans: Child friendly

  1. Name the person who wrote the poetry of “Akasam Kolpoina Pakshi”.

Ans: Journalist and poet Krishna Rao

  1. Who wrote the book “Telangana Charitra- Nutana konam"

Ans: Pro. Adapa Satyanarayana.

  1. Name the guns which can even target in nights also are going to be made in our country

Ans: AK 103 assault guns

(Designer of this is Kalashni kov. Russia, India, Venezuela, Ethiopia

Countries are using it.

  1. Expand NDAP.

Ans: National Data and Analytic Platform.

  1. RH300 Sounding rocket is launched from Tumba Equatorial launching centre in Tiruvanantapuram. Which centre developed this?

Ans: Vikram  Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC)

  1. Who got the national award for Swatch Bharat from our state?

Ans: Jupalli Neeraja

  1. Which grama panchayat got “ Nanaji Desh mukh Rastria Gourava Grama sabha” award on the occasion of national Grama Panchayat Divas

Ans: Duddina Palli ,Saida pur mandal, Kareem nagar District, 10 lakhs award)

  1. Which type of coal is banned due for excess releasing of carbon di oxide?

Ans: Pet coke

  1. Which constitution rule says that Supreme Court chief justice is the prime one among all the Supreme Court Justices?

Ans: 146 rule

  1. How much is the estimated growth rate of our country as estimated by Asian development bank?

Ans: 7.3

  1. Who got the “Vizdon  leading cricketer in the world” given by Vizdon Journal?

Ans: Virat Kohily

  1. Central Election Commission seeks under which rule of Indian constitution should be amended to provide protection from political pressures?

Ans: 324(5)

  1. What is the limit of startup companies investment with no taxes to encourage industrialists as decided by central government

Ans: 10 crores