Thursday, October 1


1. How does corona virus transmit ?

2. What is Corona virus ?

1) It is a large family of virus

2) It belongs to the family of Nido virus

3) 1 & 2 are correct

4) Only 2 is correct

3. In which age group the COVID 19 spreads ?

4. The first case of novel corona virus was identified in

5. Which of these following disease are related to corona virus ?

1) MERS    2) SARS

6. Mild Symptoms of Novel corona virus are :

7. From where corona virus got its name

8. Which precautions that need to be taken to protect from the Corona virus ?

9. The PPE KIT made with innovative breathable fabric material, to provide comfort to healthcare workers working against COVID 19 pandemic developed by India Navy. What it’s Name ?

10. What is the name of operation launched by Indian Navy, to repatriate Indian Citizens from Overseas ?