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SI Tests EM

EM-2018 APR CA – TOP 50 (1st Part)

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When did ration Portability (Ration card holder can bring ration from any ration shop) method started? Ans: April 1, 2018 Space Satellite Center of China, Tiyanggang-1 collapsed into the atmosphere. When did it launched? Ans: Sept 29,2018 Name the online agitation started by Briton M.P for women equal salaries along with men. Ans: Pe me to Hash Tag Which is the best Higher Educational Institute in the country? Ans: Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Which name should give instead of’Dalit’ in all corresponding as mentioned by Central Ministry? Ans: Schedule Castes (According to Section 341 of Indian Constitution, President orders given) Who got the relay rights of Indian Cricket Team for the period 2018-2023? Ans: Star India (for Rs6, 1

2018 MAR- TOP-50(2nd PART)

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Government how much Exgratia announced to persons depending on Palm trees are accidentally died ? Ans: Rs 5 lakhs When will be the target to completing “ Kshaya Rahita Bharat” (Eradication of Tuberculosis) program? Ans: 2025 28: Name the three public sector companies running with higher profits in India? Ans: Indian oil, ONGC, Coal India Who is appointed as a World Bank Chief Economist? Ans: Aravind  Subhrahmanyam Government decided to continue subsidy on Uria up to 2020. How much amount transfer under direct money transfer per One ton ? Ans: Rs 5,360 (Note:  For this project Central Government allotted Rs 42,748 in 2017-18. It is going to be increased by Rs. 45 crores.) What will be the growth rate of India in 2018-19 as estimated by World

2018 MAR- TOP-50(1st PART)

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Where is the best Bio Nest  which is the bio-incubator arranged? Ans: Hyderabad central university What will be G.D.P. of India for the year 2018 as estimated by Moodies investor’s services? Ans: 7.6 What is the national science day theme? Ans: Science and technology for sustainable future. Which cricket team won Vijay Hajarae trophy-2018? Ans: Karnataka 5.Who won the famous two ‘Larus sports’ of tennis champion belongs to Switzerland? Ans: Roser federer On which name Navy, Air Force and Army conducted their exercises on Feb 12,2018 in Arabian sea? Ans: West Lehar What is the name of auto- biography of Sourav Gangooly? Ans: A Century is not enough Who won the gold medal for Asia wrestling champion ship in March 2018? Ans: Nav

2018 FEB- TOP 50 (2nd PART)

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How many TMCs of Kaveri water was allotted to Karnataka as decided by Supreme Court in 2018 Feb. Ans: 284.75 (NOTE: Taminadu-404.25: Kerala: 30: Pondicherry: 7 TMC of water) Name the first state which established an Institute for Artificial Intelligence? Ans: Maharashtra (Mumbai) What is the average life span of man according to national institute of health research in our state? Ans: Male- 69.4: female-73.2 years Name the state which used Robots to clean man holes. Ans: Kerala ( Note: Robot called Badi cute is made by “Jen Robotics) Name the first human robot who talked in world IT conference in Hyderabad. AnS : Sofia (Note: Made by David Hanson) Name the declaration to arrange a tribunal to solve the issues on rain water. Ans: Hyderabad D

2018 FEB- TOP 50 (1st PART)

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1.How much money is paid to a person who marries handicapped person by the state government? Ans: Rs: 1 lakh 2. Name the inner water vehicle which belongs Scorpion range was joined to Indian navy. Ans: INS Karrang 3. Central government accepted for the proposal from Telangana State for the first phase of National investment and manufacturing zone. Where it is? Ans: Zaheerabad 4. Which statement is correct about sheep and goats scheme in our state? 1. 42 lakhs is distributed up to 2018 February 3. The M.D for cooperative society for the development of Sheep and goats is V.Lakshma Reddy 4. Government subsidy for goats and sheep is 75% Ans: All are correct 5. Who was selected for Sant-kabeer award -2017,which was given to Handi Craft awards? Ans: Jilla Venkatesam 6. Name the


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Who got the "Rangineni Yallamma Literacy award-2017” in united Andhra Pradesh state. Ans: Sunki reddy Narayana Reddy( “Tavu” book) 27.Who invented “Bharati “writing style to learn all Indian languages easily? Ans: Dr. B.Srinivas Chakravarthi Which website of State Government is going to be organize all land records easily in 2018? Ans: Dharani 29.Name the fastest Super Computer in India. Ans: Prathush How many numbers are there in Aadhar card Virtual ID? Ans: 16 Who sings Sammakka, Sarakka’s historical songs with all musical instruments? Ans: Sakine Ramchadraiah “Teen Murthy chowk’’ in Delhi was changed as Ans: Teen Murty Hifa Chowk Which rank did India got in manufacturing sector according to (WEF)? Ans: 30th rank Name the ve


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Name of the app unveiled  by D.G.P. Mahender Reddy to Investigate criminals. Ans: TS cop Who was appointed to the secretary for Indian external affairs in January 2018? Ans: Vijay Kesav Gokhale What is the limit for debit card purchases without charges as made by government? Ans: Rs 2,000 (as implemented from January 1, 2018) Name the team who got RanJi trophy at first time in Cricket History ? Ans: Vidarbha team Where did another IT cluster is going to be arranged by our government? Ans: Budwel In how many languages is official website of Prime Minister ( ). Ans: 13 Name the economic forum which has established for the benefit of sick industries by our state government. Ans: Telangana Industrial Health Clinic (TIHC)