Monday, July 22


  1. Who got the "Rangineni Yallamma Literacy award-2017” in united Andhra Pradesh state.

Ans: Sunki reddy Narayana Reddy( “Tavu” book)

27.Who invented “Bharati “writing style to learn all Indian languages easily?

Ans: Dr. B.Srinivas Chakravarthi

  1. Which website of State Government is going to be organize all land records easily in 2018?

Ans: Dharani

29.Name the fastest Super Computer in India.

Ans: Prathush

  1. How many numbers are there in Aadhar card Virtual ID?

Ans: 16

  1. Who sings Sammakka, Sarakka’s historical songs with all musical instruments?

Ans: Sakine Ramchadraiah

  1. “Teen Murthy chowk’’ in Delhi was changed as

Ans: Teen Murty Hifa Chowk

  1. Which rank did India got in manufacturing sector according to (WEF)?

Ans: 30th rank

  1. Name the vegetable grains which got place in NSCDEX commodities market?

Ans:  Clustered beans

  1. Name the Indian woman who got place in WHO calendar 2018 by serving in the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh as a health worker?

Ans: Geeta verma

  1. Who is the producer of controversial move”Padmavath”?

Ans: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

  1. When did "Amma vadi “ program starts with 200 vehicles ?

Ans: 2016, Dec  28

  1. How many Water ponds are going to be reformed as a part of mission Kakatiya 4th phase?

Ans: 5703

  1. When did survey of criminals stared in Telangana?

Ans: 2018, January 18

  1. Where is the biggest air purifying apparatus established in the world?

Ans:  Gxian (china)

41.How many criminals are recognized in the complete criminals survey conducted on January 18?

Ans: 2.18 lakhs

  1. What is the range of Agni-5 Which is ballistic inter continental missile?

Ans: 5,000 Km

  1. What is the organization is going to establish to conduct all kinds entrance tests for joining of all types of courses ?

Ans: National Testing Agency

  1. Name of  project which was designed to increase ground water by the Central Govt ?

Ans: Atal Bhu Yojana

  1. Which rank did India got in low cost of living countries in the world?

Ans: 2nd  rank ( 1st place South Africa)

46.Who is the creator of plastic roads( Plastic man of India)? He got Padmasri Award.

Ans: Pro. Rajagopalan Vasudevan

  1. Who is the American ambassador in U.N.O.? ( American Indian)

Ans:  Nikki Heli

  1. How many Padmasri awards are announced to other Asian countries people as a part of improving smooth relations?

Ans: 10 ( Each country 1 padmasri award).