Monday, July 22


  1. Name of the app unveiled  by D.G.P. Mahender Reddy to Investigate criminals.

Ans: TS cop

  1. Who was appointed to the secretary for Indian external affairs in January 2018?

Ans: Vijay Kesav Gokhale

  1. What is the limit for debit card purchases without charges as made by government?

Ans: Rs 2,000 (as implemented from January 1, 2018)

  1. Name the team who got RanJi trophy at first time in Cricket History ?

Ans: Vidarbha team

  1. Where did another IT cluster is going to be arranged by our government?

Ans: Budwel

  1. In how many languages is official website of Prime Minister ( ).

Ans: 13

  1. Name the economic forum which has established for the benefit of sick industries by our state government.

Ans: Telangana Industrial Health Clinic (TIHC)

  1. What will be the salary of Supreme Court chief justice as per new scales?

Ans: Ans: 2.80 lakhs (previously 1 lakh)

  1. What is the range of NABARD capital investment which is accepted by Parliament?

Ans:Rs 30 thousand crores

10.Name the temple shape which is on the new 10 rupees note.

Ans: Konark temple photo

  1. Which State is going conduct National Games in 2022?

Ans: Meghalaya

12. Name the second best Police Station in the country? That is a part of Telangana.

Ans: Panja gutta police station.

13.Which two branches of education are going to  be merged by government?

Ans: Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Rastriya Madyamica Siksha Abhiyan

  1. Name the organization which is going to research on Tsunamis from Pacific ocean ?

Ans: Indian National Informative Center for Oceans, Hyderabad

  1. Name the first American African who won the “Golden Globe Award” of drama television series?

Ans: Sterling ka brown

16.Who won the series of Half men cup tournament in 2018?

Ans: Switzerland

  1. Who started the conference of Indian family parliamentarians world wide in January, 2018?

Ans: Prime Minister Modi

  1. Where is 2nd film and Television Institute situated in India?

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

  1. When do we celebrate national voters day?

Ans: January 25

  1. How much percentage of foreign investments are allowed in manufacturing and retail sector?

Ans: 100%

  1. Till which period MP LADS and development schemes to be continued by Government?

Ans: 31.3. 2020

  1. What will be the Indian growth rate in 2018 as estimated by World Bank?

Ans:  7.3%

  1. Which organization was established to improve artificial intelligence for Excellence in Hyderabad?

Ans: NASCAM ( President is R.Chandra Sekhar)

24: Who is the leader of organization which was established to investigate the attack  on Sikhs in 1984?

Ans: Justice Dingra.

  1. What is the amount of “Kalyana Lakshmi scheme” for the marriage of poor families?

Ans: Rs  1,00,116 .

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